Team Building in Portugal

Good teamwork within an organisation is one of the key factors to become a successful company. It stimulates responsibility, creativity, decision making process and development of the corporate culture. Good teamwork also improves motivation, communication and profitability. The best way to improve relations in the workplace is to involve staff in team building programmes.

Perfect Experiences building programmes are custom designed to the needs and aims of your organization, depending if your team is under stress, if you want to improve communication within the group, or to develop team awareness and mutual trust and companionship, if you want to create a new or more successful team, or you just want to leave your office and spend some time together, bonding in relaxing and convivial atmosphere.

Programmes are created to best suit both team and organizational objectives, group size, ages, gender, physical fitness, weather conditions, time available…

All team building activities and games are conducted with the guidance of learning processes specialists.

During every team building programme participants enjoy local gastronomy and specialities, also having the opportunity to visit the most important monuments and other interesting places that the place has to offer.

For the big finale - gala dinner. We can also organize an attractive and entertaining event with live music-band, DJ-music or karaoke party, show, quiz-competition …

If you plan your meeting or seminar, we can also include that part in the whole programme, potentiating it .

Perfect Experiences Building programmes include organization and coordination of all services:

  • Establish goals
  • Arrange venues & facilitator on-site
  • Creation and executing of programme
  • Programme evaluation and recommendations
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Dine Around
  • On-site management services



Trainings can be organised and executed as workshops or seminars, as well as outdoor dynamics depending on your needs.

Team building trainings are done by professional lecturers-trainers: psychologists experienced in the field of developing the human resources potentials, in education and trainings.

Trainers use several learning instruments like simulations, roleplays, serious games, case studies and other methods.

Perfect Experiences can organize several different trainings/seminars, depending on the objectives of your team building programme:

  • Successful communication
  • Team building and cohesion
  • Building efficient work teams
  • Conflicts management
  • Stress management
  • Effective leadership…

In order to propose you a programme which will suit the best to your company/department, we need to determine what exactly are your needs. Please contact us for additional information and let us do a quick diagnosis.

Tailored program: