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Azores, 2 Islands
Azores, 2 Islands

Reference : PE-AT-MA-01


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Azores, 2 Islands

Duration: 8 Days
Local: Azores
Type: Multiadventure

Terceira and Pico, two beautiful islands.

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Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores archipelago lies in the migration of many species of cetaceans, which makes it one of the best places for whale watching activity route. Come discover with us more than 25 species of marine mammals that inhabit the clear waters of the Azores!
Explore the island of Terceira in a comfortable van 9 seats in the company of a friendly and knowledgeable guide, which will guide you through the sites of interest.
Come see firsthand the enigmatic islet of goats, which is divided into two volcanic islets and harboring cagarro species such as the common tern, the rose-swallow and gulls.
Scroll us the best hiking trails through magical places, both beachfront and within the island, and enjoy the best scenery and wilderness at its best.
Will also have a day to visit the most important of Pico island attractions such as the Whaling Museum and the vineyards of Pico. In the Azores there are two areas classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Angra do Heroismo and the Vineyard Landscape of the Pico Island. Come to discover them!

Day 1

Arrival at Lajes Airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2 

Breakfast at the hotel
Van ride around the island (all day)


Day 3 

Breakfast at the hotel
Whale Watching (half day)


Day 4 

Breakfast at the hotel
Boat trip to the island of Pico (all day)


Day 5 

Breakfast at the hotel
Hiking / trekking (half day)

Day 6 

Breakfast at the hotel
Boat trip to the islet of Goats

Day 7

Breakfast at the hotel
Free day


Day 8 

Breakfast at the hotel

Program includes

  • Accommodation at 4 stars or 3 stars hotel
  • Van ride around the Island with typical lunch
  • Boat trip to the Islet of Goats
  • Whale watching
  • Pedestrian promenade
  • Ride to the island of Pico
  • Bullfighting rope (optional)
  • Hop on/off at the hotel all days
  • Volcanoes
  • Vineyards
  • Whales
  • Unesco protected areas
  • Museums
  • Handicraft
  • Architecture
  • Culture

Van Tour around the island

A  full day tour around the island with typical lunch . We will visit all the tourist points, like:  volcanic phenomena, panoramic views, swimming pools formed with lava of a volcano, lagoons/lakes, cheese factory (to taste 4 kinds of cheese for free).


Hiking through the center of the island, with splendid views over mountains, hills, native flora, lagoons, and volcanic views. This tour takes about 3 hours, it’s medium difficulty, and we do it in the morning.

Whale watching

The lookout points are in strategic locations in the coast of the island. Once used for whaling, these days they are used for the purpose of communicating directly with the boats that take the passengers to closely observe these marine mammals, especially the Sperm whale. Before going to sea, there will be a brief explanation of the species that can be spotted, security measures and codes of conduct for whale watching. Come discover with us more than 25 marine mammals’ species that inhabit our clear waters!

Boat Tour to Cabras islet

This tour is takes more or less 1h30-2h, we go on an inflated boat to the “Cabras” islets (big volcanic rocks that exist near the shore of the island. At this moment it’s a protected area for marine birds) we do a tour by boat around the islets, in the end of the tour, we stop between the rocks, for you snorkel and swim on high sea. There is also a cave that we can enter when the sea level is low.

Boat tour to Pico island

It’s a boat tour to Pico island with bus excursion included. In this excursion we are going to visit all the most important tourist points of the island (whale museum, industry whale museum, vineyards of Pico (UNESCO protected area), amazing views for Faial and São Jorge island.

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